DIY - Easy Paper Peonies Do the Trick!

When fresh peonies are not readily available you can always make paper peonies! Use colored gift wrap tissue to make these lovely ruffly peonies! If you make enough you can tie them together and create a peony pomander or a bouquet!

Colored tissue paper

Green chenille stems (craft pipe cleaners) -or craft raffia wire/twist tie


1) Cut tissue paper. Cut 4 or more sheets of tissue paper to approximately 6"x10" sheets

2) Accordion fold. Layer the sheets and accordion fold about 1"w folds. (fold up 1", then turn stack over and fold up again, repeat)

3) Scallop the edges.Take sharp scissors and shape the peony petals by cutting the short edges like the top of a heart (that is, two scallops... or you can simply round of the edges)

4) Wrap and Ruffle.Tie the center of the accordion with the pipe cleaner or twist tie. Fan out the piece on both sides of the pipe cleaner. Remember there are 4 layers. Begin pulling up the petals. Start with the top tissue being careful not to tear it. After you have done the top layer, go on to the second layer, then the third and the fourth. Straighten out the flower to your liking.

5) Enjoy! Make a bouquet, pomander, garland or simply place a bundle of them in a basket or a bowl.

Courtesy of LotusHaus.

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Katie @ Cheep Ideas said...

These peonies are SO beautiful! I've included this post on my "Tissue Paper Crafts" roundup today. Thanks for sharing!